About My Teaching:

Liz Skilton teaches courses on U.S., gender, and environmental history.  This includes survey courses, upper-level, and graduate-level.  She seeks to connect with her students through the use of multiple forms of media, digital assignments, and field excursions (such as kayaking trips to review the effect of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill on the wetlands). Her teaching has won awards, including most recently (2016), the UL Lafayette Friends of the Humanities Founder's Award for Excellence in Interdisciplinary Humanities Teaching & Research.

Some of her courses include:


An Example of Teaching Methods:  The Meme Challenge

Skilton offers bonus points in her classes to students who create original memes (synthesized pictures with text) that relate to what we are discussing in the course.  Topics can be on any subject discussed in the class that week.  The meme challenge has been incredibly popular since it was introduced, inspiring students to engage with topics in a pithy and humorous way.